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New City,New Website

DeepSouth Welcome to my brand new website design,which coincides with yet another move to a brand new city. I now reside in Southampton,for my sins,after picking up a brand new day job just outside the city. So,with new starts aplenty,I decided to poke and tweak things here at terminalgarden.com to make my webspace fresher and cleaner.

The background image is courtesy of Malcolm Halsall,a photographer and friend based in Gosport. He does amazing things with mirrors,creating brand new landscapes,which range from arctic to alien to warm to dissonant. You should really go and check out his work.

You might be wondering where all the downloadable stuff has gone. I’ll be adding it back over the next few months,but first I want to try and put together a couple of song ideas I have. I’m aiming for another EP. If you can’t wait that long,then the tracks on the homepage are still downloadable at my Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

This month I’m trying to play a lot of guitar. Next month I’ll be firing up the sequencer again. Until then,dioclh yn fawr for reading and listening. You have all my love.



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