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New Track –Scraps

Alma –Scraps by _Alma

This turned up as a collection of parts. Really,I was just messing around to begin with,trying to give myself some freedom from chasing down another three songs I have following me around. Why not play about with a bitcrushed drum loop,I figured? Why not record some rough guitar over the top of it? I hadn’t tried to put guitar over anything more electronic sounding for a while,so it seemed like something fun to play with. And then it stuck.

Maybe it was because this was easier to work on around the day job. It doesn’t care that it sounds rough or unpolished. That’s it’s point. Whatever,it came together.

The cover,well,it’s pretty tongue-in-cheek,but it hits the nerve in me that has been spending way too much time reading the news recently. It also fits the place I think the track came from –the idea of things falling apart and the eventual guilty release when they do. The final sigh of ‘thank god for that‘.


Bring it on.



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